Whistleblower Facility

Wiersholm now offers a complete solution as an external whistleblower facility. We have long experience and are leaders in the field. We have been involved in Norway's largest and most well-known whistleblower cases in both the public and private sectors, and internationally we have, among other things, unique experience with the U.S. corruption regulations.

The majority of businesses have a duty to facilitate whistleblowing. Whistleblowing and the handling of whistleblower cases are thus increasingly on the agenda. The cases often surface in the form of subsequent criticism of the handling. Wiersholm's experience is that handling of whistleblower cases requires solid legal and strategic advice throughout the process. This includes basic requirements for information handling and handling of involved parties, both the whistleblower, the person who has been reported and other involved parties. Time and again it has been confirmed that the importance of getting it right from the start cannot be underestimated.

Receipt of tips via telephone

Wiersholm offers a solution where the offered employees are available for receipt of potential whistleblower cases via the telephone. They may be reached through Wierholm's switchboard, alternatively on their respective mobile phones, within ordinary working hours.

Receipt of tips via post and e-mail

Wiersholm offers receipt via e-mail, where the offered employees are the recipients. We also offer a physical post box solution in which the offered employees function as recipients of posted letters.

Electronic receipt via web solution

Wiersholm offers an encrypted whistleblower portal that is available via any internet connection. The webpage may be adapted to the client's needs with regards to visual design and identity, as well as contents. Received whistleblower notifications go directly to Wiersholm and will be analysed within 48 hours.


A well-known challenge is that whistleblowing is used as a means in conflicts with an employer or colleagues. The abuse is protected by the employer's fear of unlawful retaliation. This necessitates certain immediate analyses:

  • Implementation of an immediate, preliminary evaluation of whether it is a potential whistleblower case, or whether it is in fact a complaint.

  • The decision must be based on the nature and contents of the claim, not how it is presented by the whistleblower. Both categories of cases must be handled, but the measures and the legal framework differ.

  • The initial analysis must as far as possible identify the problem that has to be solved, and draw up a general, preliminary proposal for further handling.

  • The method proposal must be adapted to the problem, including the nature of the whistleblower notification, its contents and the involved parties.

  • Incorrect method selection may escalate the conflict and prevent a resolution, and method selection must be subject to ongoing evaluation.

Wiersholm guarantees an analysis of what the tip refers to within 48 hours, regardless of the time of receipt. Should the situation warrant it, Wierholm would be able to take immediate action.


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