Transaction Control

Transaction Control is our digital management system for the execution of transactions. The system organises and makes available Wiersholm's accumulated knowledge, built up over decades. This enables our lawyers to work more efficiently and deliver consistently high-quality products, based on best practices. Practices developed continuously using digital tools, available to our clients. 

We have developed innovative modules that are useful both before, during and after a transaction.

Currently, it includes:

  • Digital shareholder register
  • Contract management
  • Document flow
  • Digital signature
  • Notification of tasks and deadlines

The modules included in Transaction Control may be effectively utilised as part of our Exit Readiness programme.

Exit Readiness

Are you considering sales or listing? Wiersholm has one of the foremost transaction environments in the Nordics and a proven methodology supported by digital tools. A well-prepared transaction often provides better price, lower risk and greater likelihood of success.

Our Exit Readiness programme has several benefits:

  • Good digital tools give you control during the ownership period and makes it easier to prepare the company for sale
  • You can prepare the company for sale over time, thus distributing resource utilisation
  • The process becomes more predictable and controlled, and reduces the likelihood of negative surprises
  • Overall, this results in lower costs, a more efficient process and higher quality

Digital shareholder register

Wiersholm offers digital shareholder registers. The solution simplifies the reporting to the Norwegian Tax Administration, and shareholders may log on to see their holdings and transaction logs.

We offer:

  • Establishment and updating of a shareholder register that satisfies the requirements of the Limited Liability Companies Act in a simple and safe manner
  • Based on figures from the Norwegian Tax Administration, and without involving the client, an overview of historical transactions going back to 2003
  • Access to historical cost price for all shareholders
  • Other services automated on the basis of information in the shareholder register, such as sending general meeting notices
  • Automatic reporting of shareholder register statements to Altinn

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Contract Management

We offer a safe tool for managing agreements and contracts. The solution collects all company information in one place, and agreement-specific metadata is stored together with the documents. A good search function and advanced filters provide easy access to strategically important information and statistics.

We offer:

  • Setup and training adapted to the size of the company
  • Advanced filtering and search
  • Flexibility - you choose what information to collect
  • Advanced user management and access control
  • A cloud-based solution

Digital signature

To ensure and simplify the interaction between the various participants in a transaction, we have developed a document execution module for digital signatures. The module simplifies the collection of signatures, and it is possible to combine digital signatures with the uploading of signatures collected in the traditional manner.

We offer:

  • A cloud-based solution with access to the latest versions of agreements, and solid version control
  • A separate task module that provides a quick overview of the status of the process
  • Advanced user management and access control
  • Digital signing of documents


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