Dispute Control

We have developed a platform that makes the interaction between clients, us and other parties to a dispute matter more efficient.

At Wiersholm, we are passionate about resolving our clients' disputes – as quickly and efficiently as possible. We therefore always first try to find an out-of-court resolution together with the opposing party – either through negotiations or through mediations. However, if that is not possible, we argue the matter before the court with only one object in mind: to win. 

Based on our experience in dispute resolution, we know we always face three major challenges:

  1. The first is control. To obtain an overview of all the important details in the relevant course of events is a big and resource-intensive job – both for the client and for the lawyers.

  2. The second major challenge is to be able to provide good litigation risk assessments, both before and during case preparations – i.e. an assessment of the probable outcome of the dispute should it go to court. That the risk assessment is as precise as possible at an early stage is crucial to ensuring that the right strategy to resolve the dispute is adopted. A litigation risk assessment that is based on too many conditions and assumptions is a poor basis for sound strategic advice.

  3. The final major challenge is collaboration. Dispute resolution often involves many people at different levels of the client's organisation, in addition to external experts. Without the correct approach to project management, with a clear division of responsibility between all the parties involved, the costs will be unnecessarily high.

At Wiersholm, we work systematically to meet these challenges. As part of this process, we have developed a new tool: Dispute Control.

Dispute Control is a web-based platform that provides us and the client with an efficient tool to quickly gain full control of the facts, and consequently the best basis for a precise litigation risk assessment and strategy going forward. By using this platform, we will be able to keep the costs down – both internally and externally.

Dispute Control is based on Wiersholm's tried and tested dispute resolution methodology. It enables us to see both the overall picture and the tiny details that might make the difference between winning and losing.


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