Our innovation initiative -
Wiersholm LINK

Wiersholm LINK is our digital initiative for legal services. Based on our experience, competence and commercial understanding, we have developed a series of products that now are available to our clients. In this initiative, we use new platforms and digital tools that enable us to create brand new solutions tailored to our clients' needs.

With our long legal tradition and broad experience, we have a unique base for pushing the business law ceiling. We do this together with the market's most talented digital business developers, who are an important part of our team. To us, innovation is for everyone to come up with new ideas on behalf of our business and on behalf of the clients. This is how we create an innovation culture in which we develop more effective solutions together.

Dispute Control

Dispute control is an efficient tool for quickly gaining full control of the facts, thus providing the best basis for a precise litigation risk assessment and further strategy. Dispute Control is based on Wiersholm's proven dispute resolution methodology. It enables us to see both the overall picture and the small details
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Transaction Control

Transaction Control is our digital management system for the execution of transactions. The system organises and makes available Wiersholm's accumulated knowledge, built up over decades. We have developed innovative modules that are useful both before, during and after a transaction.
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Data Room

Wiersholm LINK is a web portal designed to simplify, structure and improve document management for our clients. The portal allows us to manage all documents, files and correspondence, which are often comprehensive in a client-lawyer relationship. You log in via our website.
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Whistleblower facility

Wiersholm now offers a complete solution as an external whistleblower facility. We have long experience and are leaders in the field. We have been involved in Norway's largest and most well-known whistleblower cases in both the public and private sectors, and internationally we have, among other things, unique experience with the U.S. corruption regulations.
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GDPR Toolkit

EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became Norwegian law on 20 July 2018. Wiersholm's GDPR Toolkit has been developed by our privacy experts and enables businesses and public authorities to comply effectively with the regulations.
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Collaboration on innovation

Technology is rapidly changing how legal services are delivered, and this development will continue at high speed. We think that the only right way to drive innovation is to collaborate with our clients. By combining our skills and insight, collaboration may accelerate development for the benefit of both parties.
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