The public sector buys goods and service for close to NOK 400 billion each year. In such a large-scale market, knowledge of the rules is decisive. There are many pitfalls, but they can be avoided with legal expertise early in the process.

We have the market's leading expertise on the rules of procurement, as well as administrative law. We have long experience with both the supplier's side and the principal's side. We also have extensive litigation experience on the area.

We offer assistance in every phase of the tender process, from preparing tender invitations to submitting tenders and carrying out contract negotiations. We also frequently assist in disputes regarding tender law, both in general court cases and preliminary injunctions. Our advisory services include both private and public tender processes, including construction contracts and delivery contracts.

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Morten Goller

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"Standout firm for procurement litigation, primarily representing suppliers but also principals in procurement law mandates. Interviewees enthuse that the lawyers are "effective and to the point."