Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Minor details in a sequence of events may be decisive as to whether a claim can be heard. The best possibilities for a positive result we get from communicating to the court a consistent story supported by evidence. This requires good rhetorical skills.

We have unique experience with litigation and dispute resolution on all of our fields of expertise. We are one of the largest dispute resolution communities in the Nordic countries with more than 60 enthusiastic lawyers and several partners admitted to the Norwegian Supreme Court. Several of our lawyers also have extensive experience with cases before the EFTA Court and the European Court of Human Rights.

We assist Norwegian and international clients with litigation and dispute resolution in all types of cases of business law. We also assist with criminal procedure in connection with corporate penalty. We use mediation and other alternative forms of conflict resolution if this may provide the desired result, and our lawyers regularly undertake assignments as arbitrators in both national and international cases. We consider the chances of the claim being heard and whether it is possible or desirable to settle the dispute out of court. If not, we litigate the case with one goal in mind – to win.

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"Outstanding and sizeable full-service group advising clients on a wide range of disputes, including international matters. Sources appreciate that the lawyers are “very well prepared and logical, and present cases in a convincing manner.”