Environmental Law

Protection of the environment and natural resources is one of the most important issues of our time. International obligations, including through Norway's EEA membership, set new limits for business and industry. The rules are extensive, and their requirements in terms of conduct and reporting are strict. Many private enterprises are also subject to supervision.

Our environmental law team has extensive expertise on these complex areas of law. We have long experience with assisting private enterprises in their contact with public authorities. Several of our lawyers also have work experience from national and local bodies of authority.

We assist with applications and notification requirements, the quota trading regime, carbon capture/storage and in the event of orders of environmental measures, examination and investigation. We also assist in environmental issues that arise between private parties. Relevant issues might be liability for and risk of pollution, and liability for and damages in the event of pollution damage. Our team is often cross-disciplinary and adjusted to meet the needs of each individual enterprise. 

"Clients extol the "top-class lawyers who give very good advice in a very short timescale," adding that the practitioners produce "excellent work." Another client praises the speed and reactivity of the team: "They work and respond to us very quickly."