EU/EEA and Competition Law

The rules of competition are meant to ensure unrestricted competition, and they directly affect the way businesses operate. Companies that violate the rules face the risk of serious financial sanctions, and individuals may be punished.

Our interdisciplinary team on EU/EEA and competition law consists of specialists with good market knowledge and understanding of the issues that may arise in different industries. The team is led by Norway's most prominent experts on the area, and in addition we have several lawyers with experience from the Norwegian Competition Authority and the EFTA Surveillance Authority. We also have long experience with cases being handled by Norwegian and European competition authorities.

We provide advisory services on Norwegian and European competition law, including in cases in which the competition authorities are investigating possible breach of the rules of competition. We have long experience with preparing notifications to the competition authorities in connection with transactions. In addition, we give advice before inspections through compliance programs and courses for senior executives. We also regularly assist in international arbitration.

"Strong reputation for handling complex competition and antitrust matters, such as merger clearances and cartel investigations. Interviewees enthuse that the lawyers are "effective and to the point."