Contract Law

A contract process consists of several phases. The contract must be prepared, drafted, negotiated, executed and terminated. Regardless of phase, it is essential to find the best legal and commercial solution.

We have considerable experience from contract negotiations, contract drafting, project implementation and final settlement, as well as dispute resolution if the contract is not executed as planned. With clients that are industry leaders in Norway or globally, the legal assistance we provide must always be rock solid. Several of our lawyers are also acclaimed umpires, experts, arbitrators and mediators in disputes regarding contracts.

We assist in every phase of the contract and on every area of contract law, from simple to complex contracts, both Norwegian and international, for instance regarding the construction of buildings, installations and vessels and delivery of goods and services both offshore and onshore. We also work closely with technical personnel to ensure that the contract fits the desired delivery model.

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"The team is praised by clients for the quality of its legal advice: "Their lawyers have a great range of knowledge, a commercial approach and they are always available when we need them."