Transport and logistics

The transport and logistics business is one of our most internationally oriented businesses. The regulation of the business is complicated, and the pitfalls are many.

This requires extensive legal knowledge of international regulations, including EU and EEA regulations, as well as knowledge of the markets in which the business competes.

Our inter-disciplinary practice area is customised to meet the challenges that the various players must face. We combine business knowledge and market understanding with legal expertise - all with our clients' value creation mind.

Our clients

We assist players in the entire transport and logistics industry in negotiations and contracts of affreightment, transport and maritime insurance, securing of claims and handling of cases of dispute. Our lawyers have conducted a large number of maritime and transport law cases before the Norwegian Supreme Court.

"Noteworthy and highly experienced team.. .One client is "very happy with the work and co-operation" of the team, describing it as "very high quality."Another client is impressed with the team's "knowledge of salvage law."