Shipping and Offshore

Shipping and Offshore are among Norway's most important and most international industries. The maritime industries are experiencing increased activity, but also increased competition, one of the reasons being global cyclical fluctuations.

To face these challenges it is important to have the best legal expertise combined with extensive knowledge of the needs of the business. Our inter-disciplinary practice area consists of some of Norway's best lawyers on the area, and we are able to offer in-depth business knowledge and assistance customized to meet each individual business' needs. Our focus is our clients' creation of values, and we provide efficient project management and advisory services with regard to commercial and strategic choices throughout the entire process.

Our clients

Our clients are major Norwegian and international players in the market. We assist our clients on all relevant areas of the sector, such as contract negotiations on construction contracts, transfer of vessels, oil installations and aircrafts, and contracts related to such assets, the signing of lease agreements, negotiations with banks, tax issues, including entry into and exit from the shipping tax regime, taxation upon emigration, branch taxation and petroleum taxation. We also assist in the securing of claims by ensuring guarantees and arrests, and at all times we have several cases being heard the courts of arbitration or by the ordinary courts of law.

"Noteworthy and highly experienced team with particular expertise in ship finance mandates, including restructurings and acquisition finance. One client is "very happy with the work and co-operation" of the team, describing it as "very high quality."