Securities Markets/Capital Markets

The securities market in Norway and other countries has been subject to major changes in recent years. Today, the Norwegian market is an integrated part of the single European market for financial services through the EEA Agreement, and is to a great extent internationalized.

We also see that foreign investors and brokers are becoming more and more present in the Norwegian securities market. This requires extensive knowledge of the Norwegian and the international financial market combined with to-the-point legal competence on all relevant areas of expertise.

Wiersholm has one of Norway's best professional communities on the area of securities markets/capital markets. We have had a leading role as lawyers in many of the largest listings and issues in Norway in recent years, and we have a substantial market share on this area. As a total provider of legal advisory services to the players in the finance and securities industry, we are able to offer efficient project management and legal services in connection with all forms of financial transactions, irrespective of their size.

Our clients

Our clients are financial institutions, insurance companies, brokerage firms and other investment firms, management companies for funds, exchanges and clearing houses, and listed companies. We customize solutions for our clients adjusted to suit each individual assignment. We assist in issues of shares, listings, mergers and acquisitions, among other things, and we provide assistance in all matters relating to exchanges, the regulation of finance, and tax law.


"Outstanding banking and finance team advising domestic and international clients on a range of matters. Sources praise the team's dedication to clients' needs, describing it as "an experienced team focused on providing solutions as opposed to only highlighting challenges."

Sources advise that department co-head Sverre Sandvik "is extremely well read on securities law and is very solution-oriented; he can find smart and clever new ways of looking into deals and solving problems."