Real Estate

The market for real estate is, like other markets, vulnerable to cyclical fluctuations and has experienced a tougher climate in the wake of the financial crisis. In this market, the demands for legal specialist expertise and good understanding of the financial rules of the game in the business become crucial.

Our inter-disciplinary practice area for real estate has long experience with and in-depth knowledge of the business, and we also have some of Norway's best lawyers on the area. We offer legal special competence and efficient project management with focus on our clients' creation of values.

Our clients

We assist all professional players in the real estate industry, including holders of property, syndicates, developers, builders, advisors, investors, funds, banks, bond holders, public authorities and others. Our advisory services particularly include acquisitions and restructuring of property companies and portfolios, but also comprise everything from traditional legal matters in real estate such as signing and renegotiation of lease agreements, and the establishment of easements and other limited rights, to problems relating to tax law and company law in connection with the structuring of property transactions. We also handle disputes, including litigation before permanent courts of law and arbitration, on these same areas.

"Significant real estate team acting on the full range of matters related to real estate law. Clients further praise the team, underlining the lawyers' "down-to-earth approach, knowledge, efficiency and availability" and adding that "they truly care about their clients."