Industry and Production

Industry and Production ranges from the traditional manufacturing firm to e.g. contractor operations, fisheries/fish farming, forestry, aviation, public transport, and infrastructure development.

Wiersholm is a total provider of legal advice to the players in the manufacturing industry. Our broad experience and competence in relation to these businesses enables us to provide efficient project management and legal assistance, irrespective of the nature and scope of the commercial and legal problems being solved.

Our clients

Our clients are major manufacturing firms in the private and public sector. We assist our clients on all areas that are relevant to this type of businesses, including contractual issues related to all types of production contracts, construction contracts, structural changes, acquisitions, mergers and demergers, organisation of ownership, cooperation agreements and other issues of contract law and company law, contact with the authorities, issues of public law, including administrative law and tender law, financial support programs, as well as assistance in connection with litigation and arbitration proceedings.

"The team is praised by clients for the quality of its legal advice: "Their lawyers have a great range of knowledge, a commercial approach and they are always available when we need them."