Banking, Finance and Insurance

Legislation for those operating in banking, finance and insurance is extensive and complex, which means that the requirements in terms of legal special expertise are particularly high. Wiersholm's practice area of Banking, Finance and Insurance holds considerable competence on all areas of finance, forms of financing and insurance.

Of that reason, we have, for a considerable number of years, been ranked as being leading in the category of "Banking and Finance" (on several occasions as the only firm) in national and international lawyers' surveys. We are particularly known for our way of handling international large-scale projects. Our focus is to provide efficient, strategic and commercial advice to the best of our clients. We place great emphasis on a high professional level, in-depth business knowledge and a high level of service and availability throughout the entire process.

Our clients Our client portfolio in banking and finance includes almost every major financial institution in Norway, as well as a number of Nordic, European and US financial institutions and their subsidiaries and branches. We regularly work with financing and transactions related to the industries of shipping, offshore, aviation and real estate. On the insurance area, we assist Norwegian and foreign players in the shipping and offshore business and the construction business, and major international insurance companies with business activities in Norway. Our assistance is very project-oriented, and since a major part of our clients are foreign businesses, we use a well-developed network of cooperating international law firms. In banking and finance, our assistance includes loan agreements and guarantee facilities, derivatives, acquisition financing and project financing, restructuring and insolvency, as well as dispute resolution. In insurance, we assist our clients with ordinary insurance and maritime insurance, as well as in disputes regarding directors' liability insurance, professional liability insurance, auditors' liability insurance and crime insurance.

"Outstanding banking and finance team advising domestic and international clients on a range of matters. Sources praise the team's dedication to clients' needs, describing it as "an experienced team focused on providing solutions as opposed to only highlighting challenges."