Doing Business in Norway

Our lawyers are the most prominent experts in the field providing full-scale legal services. We are your contact and advisor in strategic processes. For foreign players operating in the Norwegian market, or planning to enter it, we have gathered useful links that give you an overview of, and answers to, general questions regarding Norwegian business life.

For more complex matters, please feel free to contact us.


Business and industry registries

Doing Business in Norway

Economy and stock exchange

Gateway to public sector

Major Organization


We are committed to keep our international clients and contacts up-to-date on the latest development in the Norwegian market through seminars, events and newsletters in English.

Events and seminars

As a firm dedicated to keeping up with the latest developments, putting topical matters on the agenda is a priority. During the course of a year, we host a number of breakfast and lunch seminars as well as three major events in order to keep our clients and business partners up-to-date. 

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